Essential Components Of Any Academic Research Paper

There are many essential components of any academic research paper that you must include if you want to score high marks. These essential components form the core of academic papers and, if excluded, you will be fighting an uphill battle to secure a good mark for your work. We will discuss these components and why they are so important to include in your work.

  1. Topic
  2. There are many things to take into consideration when making the choice of what topic to base your academic paper on. Firstly, you should make sure that you have enough points to make on the topic you choose. You should write close to the amount of words in your word limit, as they are a good guide on how long your essay is expected to be.

    When choosing a topic, always make sure that the topic you choose is one you are genuinely interested in. This way the academic paper does not seem like a chore that you must complete and can actually keep you motivated enough to put in your best effort.

  3. Sources
  4. Sourcing and implementing literature pertaining to your topic is an extremely important component of an academic paper. When you include sources, you need them to support your view and for you to analyze them.

    For example, you may analyze the method used to conduct the research in the literature, or the conclusion the authors have reached in regard to their results. In depth analysis of the literature is an integral component to academic papers.

  5. Analyzing Viewpoints
  6. Another essential component to academic essays is to analyze viewpoints that are different to your own. This is extremely important and without this you will struggle to attain a high mark for your work. You need to say why you do not support these different viewpoints and why your view is more logical.

  7. Writing Format
  8. Of course, the format of your writing is also extremely essential in attaining a high mark for your work. Your writing needs to be clear and concise; easy for your reader to follow and understand the point you are making.

    Use formal language and there is no need to use grandiose words, you are not being marked on your vocabulary ability, but rather on how easy it is to understand you.

If you include these essential components in your academic essay then you will experience a lot of success in your writing.